Bio: My heart is devoted to Jesus. I see a generation hungry for truth and authenticity; therefore, I am on a mission to be as true and authentic as I can be in my writing. I have a passion for worship, writing, and relationships. I want to inspire other girls to realize they are valuable and can do anything that they desire to do. I believe that risk-taking is important, and that failure is inevitable. Growing up as a perfectionist tended to steer me away from risk-taking and any form of failure, which I realized is unhealthy. I've decided to take chances and to learn from my failures. I know what it feels like to move from one city to the other, but not being happy no matter where I was living. Believe me, I know what comparison feels like- I have a twin sister that I competed with my WHOLE life. I know what a breakup does to your heart, and I also know how to move on. I know how frustrating church can be at times, and how fake some "Christians" can be. The beauty in it all- we can be on this journey together!

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